The project

The "AMERICAN DREAMS" project is a collection of photographic portraits of Americans from all walks of life, from all across the country. The project began in 2006 by Canadian photographer Ian Brown. 

The photos are taken in a traditional portraiture method, primarily using film -  often set against the landscapes across America that people call home.

In addition to the photographs, each person is asked to write down, in their own words and handwriting, whatever their "American Dream" is or whatever it means to them. The results are remarkable and powerful.  People's ideas range from hopeful to defiant to heartbreaking to inspiring. A collection of ideas about America, by Americans at a defining moment in the country's history. This project is a transformational look at the American identity when the very nature of what being an American means is at stake. 


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You can see a feature in the New York Times here and the Washington Post here . 

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All images Copyright American Dreams Project and Ian Brown 2020
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